Upgrading Clothes and Gear

Items in your inventory are upgradable. This means that you can add extra points to your horses abilities.

1. Purchase the item you wish to upgrade from the shop, or equip the item that you want to upgrade from your inventory if you already own it.
2. Earning XP (experience) fills up the upgrade progress bar. (You can see the progress as you earn XP)
3. When an item is ready to upgrade, the bar will turn green and you will get a notification by the “Inventory” menu button
4. To upgrade the item from your inventory when ready, press the arrow up button beside the item, and purchase the upgrade to the item
5. A new progress bar will then open to progress to the next upgrade stage
6. If an upgrade progress bar is full, no further XP can be added to it until the upgrade is done.
7. If you do not wish to upgrade, you can equip another item and earn XP against that.
8. Rolling your mouse over the item, will show you what the item will add to your horses abilities per level of upgrade, or to your action points for your avatar items


Each item in the shop that is upgradeable, has a description to say what the benefits are so you may plan your horses preferred ability boosts accordingly. This is also shown in your inventory for owned items.