Some suggestions should you experience lag, connectivity, graphical and/or response issues when playing or trying to play the game. There are various factors to consider, processor speed, ram, graphics card, internet speed, ISP provider, virtual memory, etc etc.. All we can do in these cases is advise a few things for those of you having problems to try should you wish to, although we are not saying these will cure your issues, but for some of you trying one or some of these may help:-

Steam troubleshooting help - Steam Troubleshooting
If the Steam Troubleshooting guide does not solve your problem, please do the following:
In Steam open your game library.
Right-click on “Riding Club Championships” in your games list.
Click on the “Properties” option.
Click on the “Local Files” tab.
Click on the “Browse Local Files…” button. This will open the folder Riding Club was installed in.
Click on RCC_Data
Find the output_log.txt file and send that to support at with a complete description of exactly what your problem is. Please include any screen shots you can send us showing a visual of your issue. A member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.
You can also post for help on the Steam Forum under Player Support if any of the above does not resolve your issue Steam Player Support

Sometimes we will need you to send us the output log for the Unity webplayer for Facebook, this can be found here and will need to be sent to us as a text file:-


Mac OS X
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp\UnityWebPlayer\log\log_UNIQUEID.txt
Windows Vista/7
Windows Vista/7 + IE7 + UAC

Performance issues for Laptops/Macs:

Your laptop/Mac should have two graphics cards, one is a lower grade one just to render basic things and applications in windows like word, web browsers etc, and another high grade card that is used for rendering 3d graphics. Problems can occur with how the machine tries to conserve power by only using the high powered graphics when it is told to, ie when it detects 3d graphics by the application launched, and the setting is most likely not set to use high the performance graphics card to use web browser games
  • Right click on the desktop and select control panel.
  • Select Manage 3D settings.
  • Click Global Settings. ...
  • Select your preferred graphics processor: ...
  • Under Settings, you can adjust the settings for each feature to meet your needs.

For example:
    • Auto-Select – Provides a balance between performance and power savings.
    • High-performance processor – Provides optimal performance.
    • Integrated graphics – Provides optimal power savings.

If your set up differs from the above, then an internet search for your machine will find you the information that you need.
For Nvidia users, they have a visual guide here also

General Troubleshooting

Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex do not support Unity so alternative browsers will need to be used if you are trying to play with either of these through Facebook.
Check your Firewall and Antivirus settings are not blocking the game (this can cause connection problems) For the standard windows firewall you can check this link Check my Firewall However, it could be your Antivirus blocking it, in which case you would need to check the user help section of your Antivirus to see how to enable it to allow certain programs.
Check that you have Administrator Privileges on your computer to enable you to download new programs. There is a guide here:- Set up Administrator Privileges
A different browser/update your browser
Make sure that the Unity plugin is allowed in your browser plugins section
Update your Flash player
Make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser. Full instructions can be found here __
Play in full screen to minimize interference from Facebook adverts etc
Turn off Facebook chat
If using a laptop, make sure you have your battery set to max or high usage
Try different graphic settings within the game settings option
Turn the in game music off using the speaker icon
Have fewer browser windows/tabs open
Have no other programs/windows open or running
Clear your cache in your internet tool bar options. There is a guide here how to do this which covers the most commonly used browsers - How to clear your cache
Clear temporary internet files. (a quick Google search will tell you how to do this for your particular system, ie. Windows 7, XP, Mac etc). There is also a guide here - Clearing temporary internet files
Clear your Unity cache (select delete all) Clear Unity cache
Only have shortcuts on your desktop rather than full programs as this will zap virtual memory
See if there are any updates for your graphics cards
Update your DirectX from the Microsoft website
Check you have the most up to date version of the Unity 3D Player here Unity 3D Player
Turn screen savers off
Uninstall (not delete) and re-download the Unity 3D Player making sure you have Mac or Windows selected whichever is appropriate for your system
Make sure "don't allow exceptions" is not checked in your Firewall settings
Defrag your PC
Carry out a disk clean up
Unplug any joysticks or any other hand held controller device.
Lessen the amount of programs in your system tray
Disable Aero for Windows 7 or Vista (a quick Google search will tell you how)
If you have any VPN's (Virtual Private Networks) installed, turn these off
If you are using a Mac and experience difficulties, it's probable you are using a 64 bit processor. There are two sorts of processor, 32 bit and 64 bit depending on your processor or CPU, Unity typically runs on a 32 bit. (64 bit means it can handle more data. At the moment Unity do not have a Web player specific for Macs that support 64 bit, (there is a release for Windows, and we hope that Mac will follow soon in development). Unity say on their forums that the 64 bit web player for windows, may work on a 64 bit Mac, you can find the download link here - Unity 3D Player Near the bottom of the page that opens, you will see some blue writing that says "Here it is" click those words and the download may start for you. Alternatively, they say the 32 bit player may work with a 32 bit version of Safari. However, the problem could be that the Unity Player is being installed into the wrong folder. (This is a common thing with Mac''s) Try this: from your hard drive, go to Library/Internet Plug-ins/Unused. This is the folder where Unity Player was installed. If you see Unity Web Player.plugin there, drag it out of the Unused folder and into the Library/Internet Plug-ins folder. Then try reloading your browser.
Make sure you have plugins enabled within your browser to run Unity. There is a guide here how to do this which covers the most commonly used browsers - Managing Plugins
Slow/stuck loading screens can also be caused by not enough RAM available or your computer has a very high CPU usage. If you have unstable internet and your internet trips (as in switches on and then off again) or cuts out completely for a little while then you could also get stuck at the loading screen for a long time. Clear your cache from your internet tool bar settings then restart your browser. There is a guide here how to do this which covers the most commonly used browsers - How to clear your cache
When you are letting the game load, don't click anything else on the screen or click away from it.
Check your computer settings to make sure you have administrator privileges active, and also check your firewall and antivirus in case they are blocking the download.
If you have a problem inviting friends, we suggest trying the following:-
Clear your cache in your internet tool bar options, and then restart your browser. There is a guide here how to do this which covers the most commonly used browsers - How to clear your cache
Make sure you have pop ups allowed for Riding Club Championships specifically. There is a guide here how to do this which covers the most commonly used browsers - Allowing Pop Up's