Stable Clubs

You can create, or ask to join a Club, and have up to 20 members with your own private chat room. Clubs will consist of a Stable Owner (the creator) and up to 19 other members. Owners are able to promote any member at any time to be a Club Manager/s who can add and remove players. So you could create a club with just your friends, with players you want that you know are competitive, or your fellow country folk, the choice is entirely yours.

* The Stable Club button in the menu will show an alert for a Club notification.
* In the Stable Club members list, there will be a cog icon where Club Owners and Club managers can promote/demote, and remove others (depending on their permission level)
* In the club profile page, there will be a “join” button in the right hand panel which will send a request to the club.
* The Club chat room will send messages whenever there is an action performed updating the club status
* Activity within the club will show as news in the News panel
* A club will automatically be deleted if all members leave

Club Owners will be able to:
* Change the name of the Club and add/update the club description (or use it to message members to push push push for the top!). This can have a maximum of 400 characters including spaces and symbols.
* Add, promote, demote and remove members.
* Toggle on/off general add requests (So if you don’t want, or don’t need any more members, then you can turn off to disable requests to join)
* Add a welcome message that will show in the chat room to all members. This can have a maximum of 100 characters including spaces and symbols.
* Choose a cool icon to show by your club name
* Toggle on/off news messages appearing in the chat room

Club Managers will be able to:
* Add and remove members

* Toggle on/off news messages appearing in the chat room

Club regular members
* Will have no privileges but can leave at any time

Club Naming
* Club names can have a maximum of 30 characters including spaces and symbols.
* Club names will have a “short name” option to fill in to display in the chat, this is to avoid long names cluttering the chat room and will be a maximum of 10 characters including spaces and symbols.
* * Please remember that offensive language isn’t permitted anywhere in the game, so no offensive names, or words in the description please, or you might just find we rename you to “Rainbow Sparkles” or “The Fluffy Club” or something similar ;)

There are additional ladders, one specifically to show your own stable members (like your friends list does now) and another to show the ranking of all Clubs. This will be worked out from the total of how well ALL members are doing in the ranking. Competition for that top place will be tough, so everyone will have to polish their hooves and ride as a team to get the best results.
Of course, if you just want to be part of a Club that just wants to play casually, that’s absolutely fine too, the choice is yours :)