Shop Items

The shop is full of goodies for your horse, your rider, and also consumable items.
Each item in the shop for your horse and rider that is upgradeable, has a description to say what the benefits are so you may plan your horses preferred ability boosts accordingly, or your energy. This is also shown in your inventory for owned items by rolling the mouse over any item.
The number beside any item in brackkets will show you if you have any of that item already, and how many.
To use the items you purchase, click Player in the main menu, then go to your inventory, or select the item icon in the shop if you have purchased it
Time based items such as the book, sugar cubes etc, are not stackable, you may only use one at a time.You may see how much time is left on any item under your horses stats panel in the lower right corner of the main game screen
You may click on the different headings to filter the view of the items you have in your inventory or in the shop. Clicking the coat hanger icon allows you to preview the item on your avatar or your horse before you buy. Clicking the shopping trolley icon purchases it.
Consumable items are plenty in choice, there are items that will increase your experience earned, recover your energy faster, add to your Action Points, add to your abilities and much more, exploring the shop will show you exactly how you can gain the best for your horse and game play

consumables shop.png

Some Rider gear will add Action Points to your energy bar and some will increase the rate that your energy recovers

avatar shop.png

Horse gear can add to your horses abilities, different items will add different attributes. Check them all out with their description to see which suits you best, or which simply looks good on your horse

horse shop.png