Here you can alter the settings you wish to use to play.
The speaker icon in the lower top right corner of your game screen, will turn the sound on or off completely by pressing it.
The question mark in the top right corner of the game screen will open this Game Guide in a new window for you
You may also resize your game screen, so for example, if you want to play in full screen, check the Full Screen box within the settings screen, or simply press the computer monitor screen icon in the top right corner of the game screen. (Very useful for eliminating interference from Facebook advertisements)


The cog icon in the upper right corner of your game screen, or in the lower left corner by the chat windows, will open the settings window. Here you can adjust the volume of the sound effects, and the music by moving the slider left or right depending on your preference.
You may also adjust the quality settings of the graphics. Very useful if you are experiencing performance issues. (Ensure that "Auto Adjust Quality Settings" is not checked to over ride your settings) Slide to the left for a higher performance on your computer, (if your graphics card is struggling with the high graphics, this may improve the performance), or to the right to High Quality if your graphics card will support this, to get a more intense graphics experience.
If you are playing through Steam, you may select playing option from the Launch Configuration Tool option when you press "play"
You may post screen shots directly to your Facebook wall by activating "Automatically post screenshots" within the settings window shown, or you may add them to the Screenshots section of the Steam Forum

To confirm your changes, press "apply" and confirm at the prompt