Purchasing more Gold Coins

Purchasing more Gold Coins

Whilst the game is free to play, we know some of you will be impatient to get the latest fashion, upgrade items quicker, top up your resources to create your courses or simply to get more game time. You may purchase more gold coins from within the game by using the "Get more Coins" link in the main menu, or by using the link in the shop


Package Choices

There are multiple packages to choose from, so if you only need a few to top up or a chest full to spend, there will be a package to suit your needs. Each pack will convert to your local currency so that you may see exactly what the cost is.
Important note:- Prices will fluctuate slightly with exchange rates, the prices below are correct at the time of this picture


Payment Methods

There are many choices to pay, including Credit Card, PayPal, and Mobile phone