Playing with Friends

Games are always more fun with friends!

Challenge your friends for free as much as you want, to matches using no energy, and the winner will even get a prize! Should your opponent not accept your challenge after a 24 hour period, the match will be declared void on the results screen.

If you want to add someone who is not a current friend, you need to friend them first. You can click their name in either the chat and select "view profile", direct from their player profile, from Rider Search, or from the Global Ladder. Just click on their profile picture and you get the option to go to their Facebook page or their Steam page, depending on where they play. By clicking on the blue Facebook/VK icon, or the Steam icon then you can send an invite to become friends via their profile pages. Once you are friends, the game will add them to your friends list. (Remember, Steam friends can only be added to the Steam version, and Facebook/VK friends can only be added to the Facebook/VK version)

Steam have a policy to stop fraudulent accounts that you need to have at least $5 in your Steam wallet, or spend $5 or over on a DLC or game before you can add friends. People can still add you, but unless you have that $5, you can't add anyone. The $5 doesn't get used for anything, unless you use it yourself on games etc, and once that initial $5 has been added to your wallet, you don't have to add any more.

To add funds via Steam:

* Log in to your Steam account.

* Click the [Your username] link in the upper right hand corner and select Account Details.

* Click on "+Add funds to your Steam Wallet" to select an amount and proceed to checkout.