Helpful hints and tips

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  1. Are some of the obstacles too tight for your horses’ current turn speed? Press arrow down while turning and the horse will do a sharper turn.
  2. Can't clear those close together combinations? Hold "space" down for your horse to bounce jump, or press space twice quickly.
  3. Want to have full control over your horses gait? Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to stand still, walk, trot and gallop
  4. The red or black circle on the floor will change color at the optimum time to jump. Increase the horse timing stats for more accuracy.
  5. Press arrow up for a faster gallop. The higher your horses’ stamina is, the longer you can keep this pace.
  6. Want a longer play session? Treat yourself to a golden apple in the shop, it gives you 2000 action points.
  7. Want more playtime? The rider clothing line has items to increase your maximum action points and to enable you to regain them quicker.
  8. Is there a friends high score you just have to beat? Or want an extra boost for the Weekly Showdown? Try a sugar cube. It gives the horse one additional skill point in all of its stats for 1 hour from first use.
  9. The horse gear improves your horse stats. Find the ones that increase the performance boost that you are looking for and upgrade them to higher levels.
  10. Is the game running a bit slow on your computer? Turn off Auto Adjust Quality Setting in the tools option and set the quality settings to high performance.
  11. The setting menu (the cog in the top right corner of the main menu, or in the very lower left corner by the char rooms) lets you choose to play the game in full screen or full window for a better game experience.
  12. Having problems with the triple bars? You need to jump these at fast canter, use arrow up as you jump. Having good speed and strength stats will aid with this. If you find you are hitting the front bar when you jump, you are taking off too late, hitting the back bar means you are taking off too early.
  13. Use “esc” to bring up a menu on the courses. From there you can see High Scores, retry the course, resume your round or return to the main game screen
  14. Press the arrow up key when jumping in normal canter speed for a slightly bigger jump
  15. You can earn coins by playing courses alone or ranked matches and for taking part in the Weekly Showdown daily challenge. Some stars and packages in the paddock give them as gifts too. Completing some quests issue them as rewards. Of course if you wish, you can purchase more from the in game link
  16. Use skill points to increase the horse stats. You earn a skill point each time you reach a new level
  17. Increase your horses “Acceleration” to enable it to pick up speed faster
  18. Increase your horses “Obedience” to improve how quickly the horse turns for you
  19. Increase your horses “Strength” to enable it to jump higher
  20. Press arrow up for a faster gallop. The higher your horses “Speed” the faster you can gallop
  21. Check what levels you need to reach to unlock certain courses by looking at the Official Courses in the Play Alone list
  22. Using the Lucky Four Leaf Clover will increase your chances of finding those juicy prizes in the paddock by by making them appear 4 times more frequently. The Luck will last for 15 minutes from first use
  23. Log in every day for a daily bonus. Logging in daily may also reward you with other surprises, some of these may even be quite exciting, so the more you play, the more you may get.
  24. Challenge your friends to a match. These matches do not use any action points
  25. Is your horse a little enthusiastic going into fences? Use arrow down to bring it back into slow canter.
  26. The more often you log in, the happier your horse gets to see you, if you neglect to visit, it will get grumpy.
  27. Finding that your horse is hitting the fences? If you are taking off too early the horse will hit the back rail, if you take off too late, it will hit the front rail.
  28. Want to get a look at other players horses and equipment, or just see what their rider is wearing? Use the magnifying glass next to their name for a closer view, or click on their name in the chat and select "view profile". You can also use the arrows under the horse to rotate. Here you can see their courses created, rank and level among other things
  29. Click on the blue speech bubble in the Friends menu to open a private chat with your friend. This will only show if they are online
  30. Your "Player" men button will show a number to alert you to any unused skill points to enable you to add them and make the best of your horses abilities.
  31. Your "Player" men button will show an "!" to alert you if your horse needs grooming
  32. Your Inventory button will show an alert to make you aware of any items that are available to upgrade, skill points available to add or whether your horse needs grooming.
  33. Want to see if you have a personal best score? You can see this by using the "High Score" button next to the course name
  34. Want an exclusive item not available in the shop? Compete and win the Weekly Showdown Grand Final for an exclusive light purple blazer complete with medal and Showdown Winner lettering
  35. Want to take screen shots of your game play? For Windows, these can be taken by pressing either Print Screen, alt & print screen, or fn & print screen and pasting it into a paint program on your computer, save the picture to the file of your choice. For Mac, use "Command" plus "Shift" plus "4" then press space. When you have selected the area you want to capture, use the mouse button. To take pictures from different angles, you need to either jump an incorrect jump to get a side view, or make your way around the course away from the next obstacle to be jumped. Alternatively you can activate screen shots in your settings options and simply press F12 each time you want to take a screen shot, or use F12 in Steam
  36. You earn Skill Tickets for entering into the Weekly showdown by winning ranked matches, winning friends challenges and also completing quests
  37. On the ranked match results screen you will see + and - numbers if your rank changes. A red number for example +7, means you have dropped by 7 places in the ranks, a green number for example -1 means that you have improved your ranking position by 1 place :)
  38. You may ignore a player in the chat by clicking their name and using the “ignore” function
  39. You may open a private Chat with another player by clicking their name in the chat and using the "Private" option, or by using the "rider search" This is case sensitive and you will need to enter a minimum of 3 characters to start searching. You may also view any rider profile from here by using the looking glass by their name.
  40. You may view another players profile from the chat by clicking their name in the chat and using the "Profile" option.
  41. From a players profile you may click on their profile picture and link to their Facebook page or their Steam page
  42. From a players profile you may play any courses that they have submitted
  43. Want to find a particular course that a player has created? Use the course search to find it. This is case sensitive and you will need to enter a minimum of 3 characters to start searching.
  44. Press the space bar twice quickly or hold down for a quick bounce jump for those close together jumps
  45. Pressing C will change the camera angle whilst riding
  46. Use the arrows under the horse in the menu screen, the creation screen, or the view payer profile screen to be able to rotate the horse and rider and see all angles
  47. Use the search box above your friends list to find a friend quickly
  48. Settings can be accessed from the cog icon beside the chat in the lower left corner, or from the cog icon in the top right corner
  49. Got lots of friends in your friends list? Find the one you are looking for easily by using the search bar to type a name or part of a name
  50. Want to know which of your friends are online? They will appear at the top of your friends list
  51. If you want to advertise your courses you have made, or if you simply like a course that’s really cool that you think others should try, you can type in the chat with the course ID. You will find this in Ride and Play>Play Alone under the course number to the left side. This will show in pale green writing in the chat as (for example) “please try my course [course175]” To play it, simply click the chat message, and it will open a window with the course name, and the option for you to play or decline. Please note, these are square brackets as here [ ] that need to be used, and NOT this type ( )
  52. Your horse will need your care and attention to keep it in top form. If you keep it in a happy state, (completely clean), you will get +1 added to all your stats, but as any good rider knows, keeping your horse happy and clean is a big part of your responsibility. If you let it get dirty and unhappy, the +1 stat will drop until you groom again to bring it back up. If the horse gets completely unhappy and dirty, the grooming bar will turn red to warn you. If you neglect to groom, your horse’s stats will decrease by -1. So a happy horse will perform better for you