Your horse will need your care and attention to keep it in top form. If you keep it in a happy state, (completely clean), you will get +1 added to all your stats, but as any good rider knows, keeping your horse happy and clean is a big part of your responsibility. If you let it get dirty and unhappy, the +1 stat will drop until you groom again to bring it back up. If the horse gets completely unhappy and dirty, the grooming bar will turn red to warn you. If you neglect to groom, your horse’s stats will decrease by -1. So a happy horse will perform better for you.
You will find different tools to use in the stable, some can only be used in certain places on the horse, if you try and use a hoof pick on the face instead of the sponge, you will find your horse will protest! Each tool, when the process is complete, will turn golden and the “Happy Meter” heart will fill up with your progression. Use the on screen arrows, or the arrow keys on your keypad, to rotate the screen around the horse to groom it, and to select the feet to clean.
As you play your horse will get dirtier, but if you are feeling really impatient to compete, you can choose an alternative option and use some coins to pay to get your horse completely clean immediately.
If you are a Pro Rider (subscribed player) you will have the luxury of a Stable Hand to do your grooming for free for you at the click of a button. - See "Subscriptions" for more details.

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