Planned feature - Cross Country!!

Want Cross Country? We need your help!

We are happy to see that so many are enjoying the game, and playing it regularly. Only a few people have paid for the game though, making it very hard for us to be able to add all the big new features you have been asking for. The good news is, you can help fund them by subscribing to the game. Right now, only a few players have subscribed to the game, but we are hoping that more will join. We are also prepared to make some ambitious promises of what we will do once we get enough subscribers:

500 subscribers: We will make Cross Country
1250 subscribers: We will make Cross Country and Dressage
2000 subscribers: We will make Cross Country, Dressage and Breeding

We love our game very much and we know that we can make it into the best horse riding game there is. For just 10 dollars, you will not only become a Pro Rider with all the exciting benefits that offers, such as free grooming, exciting daily prizes and more skill tickets per match win. You will also be a major contribution to expanding the game into an even better experience!

Big thanks to all of you!
- The Riding Club Team


You can see an example of how we would like Cross Country to look and play here - Cross Country Video

500 subscribers may sound like a lot. But you may be surprised at how much it costs to develop a game like Riding Club. To make things a bit clearer, this is our experience of how much it cost to make Agility:

- Full team of programmers working for two months: $10000 dollars
- Artists making all the new courses and obstacles: $5000 dollars
- Coffee for all those late nights at the office: $500 dollars (Yes, we drink too much coffee)

Total price: More than $15000 dollars! That means we actually need 2000 subscribers just to pay for the first game mode. So, as you can see, the life of a game developer is not easy :)

There is a counter in the game which will tell you how many players have subscribed so you can all keep track of how close we are getting to being able to add this fantastic new phase to the game. Use the "Want cross country?" tab at the top of the main game screen. The "Subscribers" counter will show in the top right corner of the window that opens.