Course Editor

Yes, that’s right, you can design and make your own Show Jumping and Agility courses, and even name them.
Not only that, when you publish them, anyone can play them from the Play Alone menu! You can also use Play Alone to find information about any new courses submitted.
You may play any Submitted course another player has done from the “Friends View” (use the looking glass next to a players name, or click any name in the chat and select “profile”) Once they have submitted them, they will also move to the Play Alone menu.
You can mix and match 1.10 fences with 1.40, there are bridges, archways, trees, rocks, plants, bushes, vases of flowers and many many other cool items to give your course that special personal touch. You can even choose any setting from the 4 course scenes we have, Winter, Indoor, Stadium and Desert. The only limit is your own imagination!
Each published course will use energy as any normal course, but you also get rewards for playing them too. You can play your own saved but unpublished courses, as many times as you wish without using any action points, making it a great place to practice.
Players can award “likes” for your creations and this will show in your menu, along with other information such as how many times a course has been played, amount of obstacles and date of creation. You can even take a snapshot of your course to tempt others to play it.

Actual videos of Show Jumping and Agility courses created

How to make jumps using agility obstacles
Agility course creations
Show Jumping course creations

Course Editor Instructions

* Open Course Editor and select either Show Jumping or Agility from the tabs at the top of the window that opens
* Select a slot in the Course Editor menu to create your new course, or to open an existing unfinished one.


* Once you have made your selection, select the scene you wish to use
* Use the mouse wheel or +/- buttons to zoom in and out of the scene.
* Use the arrow keys to move around the scene, or you may drag the scene with the mouse.
* Drag and drop items such as obstacles and decorations from the menu into the scene area.
* Left click on an item in the scene to move it.
* Right click on an item once placed, to remove it
* To rotate an obstacle, right click and hold, OR use shift + left mouse button, then drag the obstacle round to rotate it.
* Tip:- If you have difficulty rotating, right click in the screen anywhere away from the obstacle you are trying to rotate, zoom in with your mouse wheel or +/- buttons closer to the obstacle
* Ride the course to set the obstacle order
* You may edit your course as many times as you wish before submitting.
* Set the horse starting position by riding it to the point you choose.
* You may return to the main game menu at any time without saving with no cost taken, except for the initial course purchase slot, which will remain available at any time for you to return to.

Saving your Course

* When you are happy with your creation, select “Save”. (You may return to a saved course at any time from the Course Editor menu.)
* You will be prompted with a total cost for the course and decorations in coins when you save, and asked to confirm that you wish to do this.
* You may still edit your course as many times as you wish after saving. However, once saved, items removed and sold back, return to you half the original purchase value.
* Play and ride your course clear to set an ideal time limit for it, and to set it to a “completed” state. (You may still make changes, but after each change you will need to play it again to complete it)
* When completed and you are happy with it, click “submit” to make your courses available to other players, (you may only submit completed courses). Once submitted, no further changes can be made. You can see a small selection of Show Jumping and Agility courses made below.

Advertising your courses in the chat
If you want to advertise your courses you have made, or simply like a course that’s really cool that you think others should try, you can insert that course directly into the chat. You will find this in Ride and Play>Play Alone. On the right panel in the very lower right corner, there is a speech bubble that when clicked, will add the course into the chat. You have the option in the chat room then to either press "send" or click the rex circle with a X in it to remove it. To play a course inserted, simply click on it and it will open for you

This will be especially useful in sharing and playing courses in different languages that use symbols not shown on your language keyboard.

SJ and A.PNG

Play Alone Menu

From the Play Alone menu, you will find various tabs:-
Official - Lists all Official game courses included in competitions
I Like - A list of the courses that I have liked from player submitted courses
Friends - A list of courses submitted by my friends
New - New courses submitted by players. This will update every minute.
Likes - Lists the courses in order with the most likes by players
Likes Per Week - Lists the top courses liked that particular week, (shows total of current and previous likes)
Today's Selection - A random selection of 100 courses for you to try and play. This updates every hour
My Courses - Courses you have made and submitted
Search - Search for any course by name