Show Jumping

Ride your horse around our exciting courses with heights ranging from 1.10m to 1.40m in our beautiful 3D settings. The fastest time and fewest penalties will win the competition. You will get 4 penalties for knocking a jump down, any refusal, running into the arena rail, or coming to a halt on the course. There is an ideal time limit to complete a course, if you go over this time, you will incur a 1 second time penalty per second or part of a second over the time. There is also a time limit to complete the match, which is 5 minutes plus the course time allowed. If you, or your opponent do not finish your match within this time, it will result in disqualification.
If you have a result with the same time as another player, it will award one of you the win. This isn't a random choice, we only show to .000 on the screen, the computer actually calculates a far more exact time, so for example the winning time would have been something like 25.47005 and the losing time 25.47021