There are different camera views you can select from whilst riding, by simply pressing C. Each time you press C, the camera view will change and a small notification will show on your screen to show which you have selected.
We hope you will enjoy this feel of riding your horse, and put a further touch of realism into the game :)

1. Show Jumping view (the default view for Show Jumping courses)
2. Agility view (the default view for Agility Courses)
3. Paddock view (the default view for riding in the Paddock)
4. Rider view (view from the riders eyes)
5. Saddle view (view from slightly behind the rider)

There is an added jump indicator whilst using Saddle view and Rider view, which is placed higher up in the game screen to enable you to see clearly when the indicator advises you to jump, (the floor indicator will also still be in place.)
You may use these views riding any Show Jumping official courses, Agility official courses, or submitted courses by other players. (Show Jumping and Agility views are not available in the Paddock simply because they show no real difference in playing there)
The only place the new views are not available, is whilst creating, or playing an unsubmitted course within Course Editor.
We suggest playing in wide setting or full screen to really experience the cameras fully. You can find these in the settings by using the cog icon in the top right corner of your game screen. Have fun! :)