The objective of the game is competition in all available disciplines, (any further disciplines added to the game will also be included in competition). You can compete live against other players from all over the world to be the best, or you can simply play for fun against your friends.
The beautiful Paddock setting overlooked by the castle, is the first place that you will start from learning the basics controls of the game. After you have mastered these, you will be ready for a horse of your very own. The screen that follows is where you choose your gender, the name of your horse, it's gender and the color. You may also select from choices for your rider. You may change this at any time by clicking Player>Change Horse in the main game menu
Don't forget to use the arrow buttons under the horse to rotate and see the full view


You will start with a basic horse with stats of 0. It's your job to train your horse and earn it more skills.
You gain levels by earning experience. Each time you fill your stats bar (found in the stats menu) you will earn a free skill point to add to whichever of your horses abilities that you choose:
  • Strength = How high and well your horse can jump
  • Timing = How well your horse prepares for a jump
  • Speed = How fast the horse can run
  • Acceleration = How quickly the horse picks up speed
  • Stamina = How long the horse can sprint
  • Obedience = How fast the horse can turn
You can achieve 60 levels, (10 per ability). For each of these you will earn a skill point.


Action Points
Your horse will start with 200 action points (energy) and will use 20 of these for any match played or playing alone, (Pro Riders will only use 10 action points - see Subscriptions for more information). Playing your in progress course editor courses or challenging friends to a match, or playing in the paddock will not use any of your horses energy. You may replenish the action points with an apple, apple slices, or if you really want to get riding, a Golden Apple, which will give your horse 2000 action points when used, or you can simply wait for the action points to refill on their own. There are plenty of things to do whilst waiting for this if that is your preferred method, for example, chatting, building a show jumping or an agility course, or riding around the paddock collecting gifts. Your horse will have +1 to all its ability stats if it has over 50% energy, very useful if you want to try for the Weekly Showdown (see the Weekly Showdown section for more information) or a high score. You may upgrade certain items of clothing as you go along to extend your action points bar to a maximum of 300 and also to make it refill faster

Level Up
Earning experience fills your XP bar to enable you to reach higher levels and unlock new courses. You can see your progress of your XP (experience) in the bar within the stats screen, Each time you earn XP from playing alone, ranked matches, playing the Weekly Showdown, collecting prizes in the paddock or by completing quests, it will add to this bar. When you reach the required amount, it will put you up to the next level where you will need to repeat the process of filling the xp bar. Reaching a new level will also award you 100 action points regardless of how many you have left. So, if you have 80 action points, leveling up will put you on 180, if you have 170 left, it will put you on 270.


Daily Login

Every consecutive day that you log in, you will be awarded with rewards, some days you will get a special rewards, days 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 scaling in value. If you don't visit your horse regularly, you may find it is a little grumpy when you return!
Pro Rider Subscribers, will also get the additional bottom row prizes every day they log in. (See Subscriptions for more information)


You may play a choice of game modes:

Play Alone - Play on any of the courses that you have unlocked (each course unlocks at a certain level which is shown beside each course name). You may also play any courses created in the Course Editor here. (See Course Editor section for more information)
Ranked Match - Play against another player that is available and the closest to your skill level that is online. The result of this will either move you up or down the placings in the Global Ladder.
Friends Challenge - Challenge your friends to a match between the two of you to see who is the best, and wil use none of the horses energy.
Weekly Showdown - Each day you will can take part in a Daily Showdown competition against other players to win prizes in the Weekly Showdown Grand Final every Sunday. The top 100 riders qualifying through out the week will get automatic free entry. You may see who is currently qualifying at any time by clicking the "Currently Qualifying" button. You may also click "Help" in the Weekly Showdown screen for detailed information.
See our section on the Weekly Showdown also for more information
Paddock - You can collect packages and stars here that will award you prizes such as, coins and XP (experience) and you may also get lucky and hit some much juicier prizes. The paddock uses no energy to play there, and will in fact regenerate your energy, a great place to let your horse relax after competing.



For each match you complete, we will reward you with prizes! (The only exception to this, is Skill Tickets, you only get those if you win a match)
Coins can be used to purchase items from the shop, upgrading your horse and/or rider gear, or toward designing your own course in the Course Editor.
Skill Tickets are used to enter the Weekly Showdown
XP builds up your experience