We are an independent game developer passionate about games, specializing in browser based 3D MMO titles.

Riding Club Championships is a free to play on Steam and as an app on Facebook, where you can train your own horse and compete against friends and players from all over the world in this beautiful 3D game. Ride your virtual horse over beautifully designed varying obstacles such as, oxers, uprights, Liverpools, spreads and more. You can even create, decorate and ride your own courses!
Our game is constantly in development, therefore we reserve the right to make changes to the game as and when these are implemented.
Although we cannot reveal what is still to be added or when, we have many more exciting things still planned to put into the game. We believe that our game is the best horse riding game there is and we are still striving to improve it even more. So, why not join us and see for yourself what your horse and you can achieve together.
Browse through our pages to see what we have so far, and prepare for more surprises along the way still to come.

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