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In the following pages you will find all sorts of information, from the basic game controls, helpful hints, trouble shooting and general "how to" guides.
If you are just impatient to get started and don't want to read just yet, you can just click the link below and be united with your very own virtual horse!

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You will need to install the Unity 3D player to play the game (you will be prompted for the download). The game is built with Unity (as many are now for a superior graphics experience) so it needs the 3D player to run on. It’s a small download and should only take between 10 and 30 seconds to install. Over 90 million people have installed Unity now, it’s perfectly safe. You may read more here if you wish - Unity Player information
If you are going to try and play through Chrome, Opera or Yandex, performance will be significantly reduced by these browsers as they do not support the Unity webplayer, so we do not recommend using those.

If you want to join in with us and interact with other players then please feel free to do so on our Steam Forum, or our wall page on Facebook. We share game pictures, player artwork, player horses and pets as well as all our game news and questions answered. We look forward to welcoming you there.
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